About Hub City Cycles


Hub City Cycles is your neighborhood bike shop that offers affordable to high-end bikes, parts and accessories. Owner/Operator Megan Arceneaux opened the shop in early October of 2013.

Megan always had a passion for riding bikes. She realized, as she got older that it was also how the parts worked with each other that intrigued her. She would fix up old bikes with her dad at a young age where he taught her how to repair and restore them. She put those skills to use when she began working at a local bike shop learning even more about the bike business. When the owner told her he was thinking about selling the business she contemplated the idea of buying it.

Megan started thinking about how she would do things differently than other bike shops around town where she sometimes felt intimidated and overwhelmed. She decided to open the type of bike shop she’s always wanted - a bike shop with a relaxed atmosphere for the cycling community in the Hub City.

At Hub City Cycles you can expect new and restored bikes, affordable parts and accessories for any level cyclist as well as a knowledgeable staff helping you find the right bike. You can also expect repairs with a quick turnaround. We’ll even show you how we fixed it as well as proper maintenance for your bike. You can also trade your bikes and select parts on consignment for store credit.


The staff at Hub City Cycles has a genuine passion for bikes, but also experience that comes from riding everything from cruisers to road bikes. They are part of the Hub City bike community and understand what people want and need for all skill levels.

Willie-Anna-Marie-2-copyWillie Anna Marie is the shop dog. She keeps an eye on everything during the day, and presides over high-level conversations going on in the Bike Lounge.