The Maintenance Bay

Taking care of your bicycle is an important part of ownership.  Let us help you keep your bike in tip-top shape by regularly servicing it.  We offer tune-ups, overhauls and a la carte services.

Check out our menu of services below.

Tune Up

A tune up should be done on a bicycle every few months to a year depending on how often you ride.

A tune up consists of:

  • Truing both rims
  • Adjusting hubs
  • Adjusting headset
  • Adjusting bottom bracket
  • Adjusting both front/rear derailleur
  • Adjusting both front/rear brakes
  • Cleaning and greasing chain
  • Wiping down frame

Single Speed - $50
Multi-Speed/internally geared - $75



An overhaul incorporates everything in a tune up plus we adjust and grease all bearings, and replace cables and cable housing.

Single Speed - $75
Multi-Speed - $100

Drive Train

Drive Train*:

Install chain - $10
Adjust gears - $25
Install or remove cog/freewheel/cassette - $10
Adjust bottom bracket - $10
Install bottom bracket - $15
Overhaul old bottom bracket - $20
Install pedals - $5

*rates do not include parts



Building wheel - $50/each
Wheel true - $20
Replace spoke - $2/each
Adjust Hub - $10
Replace tube/tire on wheel - $5
Replace tube/tire on bike - $10

*rates do not include parts



Install/adjust brakes - $20
Replace brake pads/cables - $10

*rates do not include parts



Install headset - $20
Adjust headset - $10
Overhaul headset - $20
Install/cut fork - $20
Wrap handlebars - $10

*rates do not include parts

Assemble Bikes

Assemble Bikes:

Single Speed - $50
Multi speed/internally geared - $100



*If you get stranded with a flat are just need us to pick up your bike we will come to your rescue. We offer pick up and drop offs.

Up to 15 mile radius - $10
Up to 30 mile radius - $20

*rates do not include parts