One of the biggest questions our customers have is what bike is right for them. The staff at Hub City Cycles will help you figure out which bike type and size is right for you. Whether you are looking for a road bike to get you around town or something more specialized, we’ve got you covered. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we’ll either order or customize your perfect bike.

Need some inspiration for a custom bike? Check out what we’re creating in the bike lounge.



We never set out to be big. We just wanted to make some great bikes.




At Sun Bicycles, it's ALL about the bike. In fact, bikes are all we do here - all day, every day.



Retrospec is passionate about minimizing the carbon footprint of our operation and promoting an alternative and affordable method of transportation.


State Bicycle Co. is a rider-developed fixed gear/single speed bicycle company with one simple goal: To bring the most attractive, high quality and smooth riding fixed gear bicycles to the market at the lowest price possible.




LINUS… a simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff.




Nirve, pronounced as /nɜrv/ or [nurv], is a leading maker of high quality cruiser bicycles since 1999 in Huntington Beach, California.



We are the hotdog in the corndog of life. The gin in your tonic. No bullshit bike frames and parts that are durable, versatile, and outlast the next model year.




Cinelli bikes are designed to combine the essential technical elements for performance with an unparalleled emotional and cultural sophistication. 



Manufacturers of bicycles for the simple fact that they are fun. Every Pedal moves you closer.



Pake, more than ever...solid.  Affordable. Quality. That is what we want you to see in all of our gear.


Practical, durable, comfortable, affordable… these are the primary forces shaping Soma’s ideology.


All City

All City shares a lifelong passion for the machines, the people who ride them, and the positive changes both can effect in this world.



Life is more than meetings and traffic. Beauty is all around you. Find it on a Civia.



Ritchey believes state of the art engineering is only useful when it delivers real benefit and a sophisticated yet sensible approach to component design.



Satisfy curiosity. Explore boundaries. Discover something. Adventure by Bike. Salsa.



Ridley Bikes was started by the innovative spirit of one man, Jochim Aerts, a highly skilled frame builder and painter who began in 1990 producing frames



Stolen is a manufacturer of quality BMX bikes and components making the best possible products at a price real people can afford.